Twins’ Santana throws ‘Maddux’ vs. Giants

Ervin Santana gave one of the most efficient performances a pitcher possibly can on Friday night as the Minnesota Twins right-hander threw what is colloquially known among baseball folk as a “Maddux” against the San Francisco Giants.

Santana threw a complete game shutout, something that is itself increasing in rarity because teams don’t push their pitchers as hard as in yesteryear. The Twins really didn’t have to push him, though, as he threw only 91 pitches – hence the “Maddux.”

It’s named after former Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux, because he was the best at it. Thirteen times over his career, Maddux threw a complete game shutout while throwing fewer than 100 pitches, once even doing so on only 84 pitches in 1997.

Santana becomes the fourth MLB pitcher to record a “Maddux” in 2017, following the likes of Masahiro Tanaka, Ivan Nova, and Edinson Volquez (in his no-hitter).

It’s the third time in Santana’s career where he’s managed the feat, but the first since 2009. He came close in 2016 when he threw exactly 100 pitches in a shut out against the Oakland Athletics.

For good measure, he also provided the bulk of the team’s offense, hitting a three-run double in the top of the fourth inning. The Twins won 4-0.

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