Storylines: Bush out of Marlins pursuit

Top Storylines:

– The financial pursuit of the Miami Marlins franchise continues to take interesting turns.  A key player has dropped out of the race for the potential sale of the Marlins franchise.  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has stepped down in his pursuit of a potential sale of the Marlins and the purchase group he was a part of is now being led solely by former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter per Steven Wine of the Associate Press.  At first glance, it appears the group headlined by Tagg Romney, Dave Stewart and Tom Glavine has the edge, but the Jeter group is not out of the sweepstakes at all.  The Jeter purchase group will undergo a bit of a shift now that Bush is out.  The loss of Bush is significant as he was the one negotiating the deals to get infusions of cash in the bid and was also reportedly set to be the one in charge of operations had his group won the bid.  Now that Bush is gone, Jeter takes over that responsibility.  A reported concern of Bush’s involvement was that he was only pitching less than $20MM in terms of financial contributions.  That being said, negotiations are still ongoing with both purchase groups in the race and it still seems that the Marlins will have a new owner in the coming weeks.

Other Storylines:

– Washington Nationals star right fielder Bryce Harper has been suspended 4 games for his role in the brawl between him and San Francisco Giants reliever Hunter Strickland per an announcement from MLB.  Strickland has been slapped with a six game suspension and both players will pay an undisclosed fine for their role in the brawl.  Both players are reportedly appealing their suspensions so they will not kick in immediately but a resolution should be expected quickly.

– Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Vince Velazquez left Tuesday’s game with a strained flexor in his right elbow per a team announcement. That is most certainly not god news as strained flexors are often a precursor to Tommy John surgery.  Nothing is definite yet, but Velazquez is almost certain to hit the DL.

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