Scott Boras: MLB more focused on marketing its teams than its stars

Super agent Scott Boras doesn’t believe Major League Baseball is shining a strong enough spotlight on some of its most renowned players.

In a Friday interview with MLB Network Radio, Boras called out those in the league for what he believes is a lackluster effort at promoting the best players in the game – some of whom are his clients – in favor of their clubs.

“There’s a huge problem with Major League Baseball and baseball players and how Major League Baseball markets its athletes, because their focus clearly is on marketing their teams, it’s not on marketing the athletes,” Boras said. “The reality is, we know on the outside world for Bryce Harper, he’s got record contracts with Under Armour, with Gatorade, or Kris Bryant has record contracts with Adidas and Red Bull. … We’ve got in the external market clear evidence that these players are receiving benefits most basketball players don’t get, most football players don’t get.

“And granted it’s an elite few, but I think in every sport you’re going to get these. Is baseball’s elite few comparable with basketball’s elite few? Not in the shoe area and not in these other areas.”

In the league’s defense, commissioner Rob Manfred did specify marketing the game’s top stars was a top priority of his as he prepared to embark on his first season as baseball’s head figure in 2015, according to Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post.

But while Boras doesn’t appear to be satisfied with the progress made two years later, the popular sports agent did point out that baseball’s approximate seven-month schedule could help bring its stars better into the forefront.

“I think one of the advantages we have in baseball truthfully when I see these names on the ESPN list is that we play 162 games and these athletes are on television in our country every day,” Boras said. ” … But I think as far as how our game is marketed and what we’re doing among the people in North America, I think we can really improve it.

“But I do think our game’s interest level and the performers and the great young players we have, we have a real dynamic operating in the game that can be highly successful.”

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