Q&A with Yankees 13th Round Pick Eric Wagaman

PinstripesPlus.com: Tell us what it feels like to be selected by the New York Yankees?

Eric Wagaman: It is kind of crazy; it hasn’t even set in yet. I mean, the Yankees are one of the most historic programs in all of baseball and they have been for forever. It is just crazy, I can’t believe it still

PinstripePlus.com:  Talk about your game a little bit. What type of player are you and how do you see yourself fitting in with the Yankees?

Wagaman: My game is more of hitting doubles, home runs and stuff like that. I am not really the fastest guy on the bases so I need to get the ball out there so I can get to second base from home. However, I play first base and first base defensively I’d say I am pretty good

PinstripePlus.com:  What are your strengths and your weaknesses?

Wagaman:  My strengths I think that I have power and I feel that I am well aware of the zone; I don’t strike out a lot.  My weaknesses, I say I need to get quicker and faster and improve my defensive game a little bit

PinstripePlus.com:  How about your defensive game?

Wagaman:  It’s good; I work on picking the ball at first base at practices all the time. Like I said I need to work on getting quicker so I can have more range on first base, but for the most part I’d say it is pretty solid.

PinstripePlus.com:  Who would you compare your game to at the Major League level so the Yankees’ fans have an idea of what your game is like?

Wagaman: I know he is not on the Yankees but Joey Votto, even though I am a right-handed hitter we have some type of similar swings where we don’t really have big leg kicks or anything. I think he is one of the best hitters in the game so I’d like to compare myself to him.

PinstripePlus.com:  Were you expecting to be drafted by the Yankees or were you surprised when they selected you?

Wagaman: I was talking to them a little bit [Tuesday] and there were a few other teams that said they were going to pick me. But I mean I couldn’t be more excited to play for the Yankees. If I had to choose any team I would play for it would 100 percent be the Yankees.

PinstripePlus.com:  Do you see yourself staying at the same position or do you think you’ll be moved to another position?

Wagaman: I mean I would like to play a little bit of third base or outfield but I could defiantly see myself staying at first.

PinstripePlus.com:  What would you say is your best moment in baseball and why?

Wagaman: Probably hitting three home runs in a game this year, that is something I’ve never done. It was pretty cool because it was a close game that day and it just so happened that third home run going out gave my team the lead.

PinstripePlus.com:  Who was your favorite team and player growing up?

Wagaman: Since I’m from southern California I’ve always liked the Angels. My favorite player has probably got to be (Mike) Trout.

PinstripePlus.com:  What are your immediate plans now that you have been drafted by the Yankees? Is it your intention to sign now and start your professional career immediately?

Wagaman: Yeah, that is my plan for now. I am really excited to do it. It is a pleasure to be with the Yankees. I can’t wait to get going.

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