Pedro advises Price to ‘keep his answers honest with the media’

Hall of Famer and Red Sox legend Pedro Martinez has some advice for David Price on how he should deal with the Boston media.

“I think Price needs to realize that who he (is) in Boston is going to draw attention,” Martinez tweeted Thursday. “He just has to keep his answers honest with the media.

“The history in Boston has always been the same. Boston is a small town and the Sox are the number one team. The attention is always there.”

During an interview with Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe published Wednesday, Price said that he will only talk to media on days in which he starts, and that he is done doing personal interviews. Price added that he will no longer answer personal questions, and went on to say that he feels he was treated unfairly last year by the media.

Price followed that by getting into a heated altercation with one member of the Boston media outside the clubhouse several hours later. Red Sox manager John Farrell said prior to Price’s start Thursday in New York that he has yet to talk to the left-hander about the incident, but plans on addressing it.

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