Now that the votes are counted and ESPN’s 2017 MLBRank list is official, it’s time to dig a little deeper into the players who made the cut. To create the Top 100, we created a ballot of more than 160 players that were voted on by our ESPN expert panel. Which players are the best values? Biggest surprises? And what other trends emerged from looking at the list as a whole? Among other things, the voting results speak to the current youth movement in baseball, along with the high number of affordable young stars on the Houston Astros‘ roster. Let’s take a closer look.

Profile of a Top-100 player

We can start by examining the typical player selected for our list of the game’s best. Typically, they have been in the league a few years and appeared in some All-Star games. And they make 122.8 percent more than the average salary of $4.47 million. Here’s a quick rundown: