Miami To Trade Hechavarria ‘In Next Few Days’

The NL-East has been atrocious this season. With the exception of the Nationals, all four teams are nearly locks to sell. According to Jeff Passan, the Marlins are expected to strike first. Adeiny Hechavarria is reportedly on his way out of Miami. The Marlins are still fielding offers, but we should expect to see some action within the next few days.

The 28-year-old shortstop comes with a year and a half of team control. Despite dealing with injuries this season, he has been a reliable glove up the middle while possessing a passable bat. The teams that make the most sense to acquire his services are the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers and, while unlikely, the New York Mets. 

Personally, the Orioles make the most sense. Other shortstop capable infielders on the market will include headliner Zac Cozart of the Reds, Freddy Galvis of the Phillies, Alcides Escobar of the Royals, and both Angels’ middle infielders, Danny Espinosa and Andeltron Simmons. Hechavarria is likely to be the second best option behind Cozart, who is currently on the disabled list.

Milwaukee and Tampa Bay will be the top suitors for Cozart due to the fact that each have strong farm systems and are contenders (or pretenders) right now. The Mets and O’s aren’t as fortunate. With no middle infielders on their way, and Hardy gone after this season, Hechavarria is a very solid, affordable option who could be more than just a one-year stop gap for Baltimore.

My best guess at a potential deal would be Tanner Scott and a throw in. The Orioles are very low on usable starting pitchers, and while Aquino, Wright or Ynoa seem like pieces Miami would covet, Duquette probably values them higher than the market does. Scott is a high ceiling relief option who seems likely to be ready by the end of next season. While he battles control issues, he has great velocity and could become a late inning reliever for the Marlins sooner rather than later. 

Another piece could be prospect Mike Yastrzemski. He’s a low ceiling, high floor fourth outfielder who is a strong hitter and could slot into the Marlins’ bench immediately. With the Orioles’ outfield pretty set, there isn’t much opportunity to get him major league at bats. This would be fine, although he’s nearly 27 and is running out of time to get started. He seems like a nice auxiliary piece for the Marlins to grab to balance out Scott’s floor. 

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