Maddon, Bochy get into war of words over home-plate collision rule

Home-plate collisions and catcher safety were hot topics in the baseball world after the Chicago CubsAnthony Rizzo barreled over San Diego Padres catcher Austin Hedges on Monday night.

Padres manager Andy Green referred to Rizzo’s act as a “cheap shot,” while fellow skipper Joe Maddon said he doesn’t agree with with Rule 7:13 (known as the Buster Posey rule), which is designed to protect catchers.

“I’m really confused by why it gained so much attention only except for the fact that Posey got hurt a couple years ago,” Maddon said Tuesday on 670 TheScore.

“Other than that, if it was a third-string catcher for the Atlanta Braves that got hurt three years ago, this play wouldn’t even be in existence.”

Maddon’s comments were brought to San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s attention, and he didn’t shy away from expressing his opinion.

“I don’t really care to visit it. I don’t. Anybody who goes into that, they don’t know what they’re talking about where Buster was at on that play,” Bochy said, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I’m all for it, and I think you should be able run into the first baseman, second baseman, and third baseman, too,” Bochy added, sarcastically. “I think that’ll really make this game interesting. What’s the difference? The catcher’s gear is not to protect him from a collision. It’s to protect him from foul tips.”

Posey broke his leg in May of 2011 after a collision involving Miami Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins, missing the remainder of the season.

Rizzo, meanwhile, escaped discipline from the league for his actions Monday.

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