A Jackie Robinson game-worn Brooklyn Dodgers cap sold for $590,994 early Saturday morning, breaking the record for the most paid at auction for a hat.

The hat came from the collection of Robinson’s widow Rachel, whose letter in the auction said it was from around 1948, and that it had metal plates in it to protect Robinson from “beanings.”

The hat, auctioned by Lelands, blew by the previous record — a 1934 Babe Ruth Yankees hat, which sold for $537,278 in 2012.

The auction also saw what is believed to be Robinson’s final Dodgers jacket sell for $159,441.

In the coming weeks and months, more Robinson relics are hitting the auction block.

Next month, Heritage Auctions says it is auctioning off a Robinson jersey from his 1947 rookie season, while Goldin Auctions is bringing Robinson’s 1945 Montreal Royals and 1947 Dodgers contract to auction.