How Much is Miami Dolphins WR Landry Worth?

2014 2nd-round pick Jarvis Landry is entering his 4th and possibly final year with the Miami Dolphins, if they choose to not put the Franchise Tag on him for the 2018 season.

Landry’s desire is to be paid as a Top-10 receiver in the league which would mean an annual salary of at least $11 million, tying him with the salaries of Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders and Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald. The 9th-highest annual average, according to Spotrac, belongs to DeSean Jackson who was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this offseason’s free agency period. The speedy Jackson is making $11.17 million in 2017.

But does Landry’s production compare to these other receivers? Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. are tied for the most receptions in the “First 3 Years” category with 288, since they were both drafted in 2014. However, OBJ, who is also awaiting a new contract, has amassed a whopping 35 touchdowns, while Landry has only accumulated 13. Leading to a more than likely outcome that Beckham will receive much bigger money than the Dolphins are willing to pay Landry. But when it comes to receivers like Fitzgerald, Sanders, and Jackson, Landry’s stats hold up.

Receptions: 2014 – Sanders (101), Landry (84-only had 11 starts), Fitzgerald (63), Jackson (56)

2015 – Landry (110), Fitzgerald (109), Sanders (76), Jackson (30- missed 7 games)

2016 – Fitzgerald (107), Landry (94), Sanders (79), Jackson (66-missed 1 game)

Yards: 2014 – Sanders (1,135), Jackson (1,169), Fitzgerald (784), Landry (758) 2015 – Fitzgerald (1,215), Landry (1,157), Sanders (1,135), Jackson (528) 2016 – Landry (1,136), Sanders (1,032), Fitzgerald (1,023), Jackson (1,005)

Touchdowns: 2014 – Sanders (9), Jackson (6), Landry (5), Fitzgerald (2) 2015 – Fitzgerald (9), Sanders (6), Landry (4), Jackson (4) 2016 – Fitzgerald (6), Sanders (5), Landry (4), Jackson (4)

In his years with the Dolphins, Landry’s receptions ranked 17th, 4th and 8th in the NFL.

His yardage has ranked 54th, 13th, and 10th, respectively.

However, his touchdown production has been consistently low ranking 51st, 57th, and 49th, according to Pro Football Reference. But Jarvis has other intangibles that make him attractive. DeSean Jackson and Emmanuel Sanders are both 30 years old, and the great Larry Fitzgerald is entering his 14th season in the NFL at age 34. Landry will be entering his 4th season at age 24 – 6 years younger than Sanders and Jackson, and 10 years younger than Fitzgerald.

Landry’s is also a leader, tone-setter, heartbeat, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s security blanket in the offense. Take away Juice and you take away the receiver with whom Tannehill has the most chemistry. Jarvis is physical, durable, and is able to take the punishing hits coming from linebackers while going over the middle of the field. He also is not afraid to get his hands dirty in the run-game. He is known to be all about football and is a team-first player. This being shown by his decision to not discuss a new contract by the start of the regular season in order to not cause a distraction in the locker room. How much are intangibles worth? That is something the Dolphins and Landry’s camp must decide upon. However, no talks between Landry and the team have started. But certainly, Jarvis’ play and production does put him in the conversation to be paid like one of the Top 10 receivers. With the salary cap increasing, it would not be too far-fetched to say that Landry could earn a deal worth $12 million.


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