Francona’s Thoughts: May 29 vs. Athletics

On Rajai Davis’ reception:

A: “I’m guessing really warm, as he should. For a guy that spent one year here, he had that personality that was kind of infectious and certainly his energy on the field, and then that home run he hit. Part of what’s fun about baseball are people seem to remember things like that. I don’t know, I guess they do that in other sports, too. But it just seems like people will talk about that I’m sure for a long time. I hope whoever’s here, will give him a really nice welcome back. And then I hope he strikes out four times.”

On Davis’ home run being the most memorable:

A: “Well, I mean if we’d of won, it would certainly. At the time, just the circumstances, the situation, it’s got to rank up there. Dave Roberts’ stolen base is probably always going to be hard to surpass that for me. That was (a) pretty special moment.”

On Davis giving the Indians fits in years past:

A: “I don’t dwell on stuff like that too much at all. There was a reason we wanted him last year because we thought he could do some of what he had done against us for a number of years. And he did. He ignited us on the bases, he played all the outfield positions, he did a really good job for us.”

On the progress of Brandon Guyer and Abraham Almonte:

A: “To the best of my knowledge, they’re still mostly in dealing with the trainers, things like that. Obviously doing lower body stuff in the weight room. When they get to baseball activities, I’ll let you guys know.”

On Lonnie Chisenhall:

A: “He is progressing through the concussion protocol. The way it’s described to me is that with the type he has, you push up until you feel it and then you back off and you go the next day.”

On Memorial Day:

A: “We probably don’t think about it enough. We get so tunnel vision on what we’re doing, who we’re playing. It is a good reminder that you ask or we talk about it. I think we probably – like everybody – take for granted what we have. There’s a lot of people that have made so many sacrifices, and still are. So that we can do whatever we want, whether it’s play baseball or be a writer or announcer, whatever. I think we need to remember how lucky we are. (I) think it’s a day in age where it’s so easy to complain about stuff, whether it’s politics or your view on something. At least your allowed to have your view. They’re a lot of places where you can’t do that. We’re pretty fortunate and there’s people that have served, that’s a big reason why.”

On his dad serving in the military:

A: “Except for my dad. He served, but I don’t think he even knew what he left the service with, like, what his rank was. He played baseball, and to hear his stories are so funny because he’s like, ‘I just hid.’ He said the baseball team that they had was incredible. But it is funny because there are no pictures, nothing. He just played baseball.”

On the military baseball team:

A: “Yeah, they would go play other places. But I don’t think our country is any safer because he served. And I think that he would be the first to admit it.”

On Daniel Mengden:

A: “I think he had 100 innings last year. So this is not a new – he had a bunch of starts last year. I think he broke his foot in the offseason, so he started a little late and I think four or five starts in Triple-A. He can range up to probably 94, maybe more today because this is his first start in awhile in the big leagues. Strikes maybe not as much. More strikes in maybe locating. Like everybody, you want to get a pitch you like, hopefully not miss it and make him earn everything they get. That’s the no different really than anybody.”

“You can look at video all you want, I think we have maybe one – maybe Eddie faced him, I’m not sure. That may be all I got. I may even be wrong about that. But when you get in the batter’s box and see it for yourself, nothing can replace that. There is so much advanced video and stuff now, that nobody can really hide, even when you come up from the Minor Leagues. And it helps, it help a lot. But there is nothing that can replace being in the actual batter’s box and seeing if a guy, like they say, has finish on his ball. Stuff like that is hard to see on a video.”

John Alfes has covered the Indians for IBI since August of 2016. Follow him on Twitter @JohnAlfes for breaking news and in-depth coverage all season long.

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