Francona’s Thoughts: May 25 vs. Reds

On Corey Kluber pitching on Thursday in Columbus despite a rainy forecast:

A: “It’s iffy. Talked to Klubes a while back and probably the worst thing would be an interrupted night for him. So just kind of walked him through everything, just so there’s not 16 phone calls 20 minutes before the game. So they have a starter in reserve just in case. The best thing would be for him to pitch and pitch uninterrupted, then we can go from there. If the weather is terrible, he can pitch tomorrow. The one thing that does from our standpoint is it backs him up into Colorado, which means he has to hit, so that’s not perfect. So he’s aware of all that. We’ll see how the night goes.”

On Lonnie Chisenhall’s assignment to the seven-day disabled list:

A: “Lonnie showed up yesterday. He called in the morning and then showed up. He was experiencing concussion-like symptoms. Don’t think he knew if it was his ear or if he was sick. But he was cloudy. So James (Quinlan) came to me, just to give me a heads up. And he said, ‘Hey, I want to test him.’ So I said, ‘OK, well let me know and if we need to. we’ll take him out of the lineup.’ Well he got tested and it looks like he has a lower-grade concussion. So that’s just something, you talk about a lower-grade ankle, that’s one thing. But when you’re talking about a concussion, you need to air on the side of caution. So we back-dated him to Monday because he played Sunday. And put him on the 7-day concussion DL. And the hope would be that he’s ready to go on Monday when the seven days are up.”

On a potential corresponding move for Chisenhall:

A: “What we were going to do for tonight was have Crockett here. Just because the weather was iffy here and if Clev went out and pitched an inning or two and it rained—we were trying to cover ourselves. We may do that for one more day. Austin is playing tonight. We’ll check in with him after that game and then make a decision there.”

On Austin Jackson’s potential activation off the 10-day disabled list on Friday:

A: “I think we want to just talk through every scenario. I think we want to make sure. I guess I meant, when he played we would talk through it after. But if he didn’t play, we would still have to talk through it.”

On Billy Hamilton’s speed:

A: “I think Gomer threw him out the other night and that was a big turning point in the game for us. That kind of speed is nice to have. He can disrupt a game so much. It’s not just stealing bases. You saw what he did last night. He’s a good kid, too. I used to run into him all the time at Majerle’s when I was getting a burger. He used to go there all the time.”

On where Jackson will play defense:

A: “He’s going to play right field in Columbus tonight. That’s the one place he really hasn’t played. I told him, ‘Let’s just cover all the bases.’ Things happen. We’d like to see Zimmer play in center as much as we can.”

On when Chisenhall suffered his concussion:

A: “That’s the thing we don’t know. I don’t think he does either. We don’t know. The first time he really said anything was yesterday. He felt groggy.”

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