EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Austin Grebeck

Seattle Mariners’ prospect Austin Grebeck is back at Short Season Everett for year No. 2, and is looking forward to getting going at a new position. Grebeck, who mostly played center field in the wake of Kyle Lewis’s injury last year has moved over to right with Brayan Hernandez taking over in center.

The adjustment is not a big one for the versatile Grebeck though.

“I played center field all my life growing up and a little bit of right but I always take fly balls during BP so it’s not too different at the end of the day,” Grebeck said. “Not as much ground to cover and some longer throws are really the big differences.

Versatility, like baseball, is in the blood of Grebeck. His father, former major leaguer Craig Grebeck, was a middle infielder for 12 seasons in the majors with the ability to essentially play anywhere. It also made becoming a baseball player a lot easier for the younger Grebeck.

“I’ve always been around the game,” he added. “I’ve always had a feel for the game and really grew up loving the game and it was really always in my blood.”

Like his father, Grebeck’s speed is an essential part of his game, though he wants to start utilizing it more on the basepaths.

“In the field I feel like I utilize it really well and try to cover as much ground as possible,” Grebeck mentioned. “I like to say if I’m not getting any hits no one else is. On the bases, I’m trying to get back to stealing bases when I see fit.

Grebeck’s numbers in Everett weren’t outstanding last year, but he feels that more AB’s will get him into a rhythm.

“It’s gonna be a lot easier,” he believes. “I think last year when I started to play every day I was able to get into a good rhythm and started swinging the bat a lot batter and hopefully I can get things rolling right away this year.”

On top of that, Grebeck felt his experience of playing a few games with the Modesto Nuts of High-A this year will help him a lot.

“It was awesome,” Grebeck emphasized. “It was a great opportunity and it let me see some higher competition and see what the future holds and it was a chance to get my feet wet and play against some guys at a high level.”

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