Dee Gordon thinks he could beat The Freeze in a race

The Flash versus the Freeze. Who comes out on top?

A very confident Dee Gordon believes he could defeat the sensation known as the Freeze, aka Nigel Talton – a member of the Atlanta Braves grounds crew – who has built a reputation as a speedy, in-game sprinter.

When asked who would win, Gordon was quick to reply.

“Me, duh,” he said, according to Jessica Kleinschmidt of Cut4. “He lost last night bad, bad. I ain’t gonna let nobody beat me named the Freeze.”

Gordon, who earned the fitting nickname the Flash due to his blazing speed on the base paths, seems like a good bet against the Freeze who was defeated by a fan on Friday in Atlanta.

“It’s hard to tell,” Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly said when asked who would win. “I don’t know. It’s a pretty long run. But I don’t think we need Dee to be doing that.”

Gordon has combined to 241 stolen bases throughout his career, including 23 so far in 2017, so it’s easy to see why Mattingly disapproves.

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