Daily Dr Roto: Fantasy Baseball Draft Do-Over

Daily Dr. Roto — June 16, 2017

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Wouldn’t you like to go back and change things, especially if you knew how they would turn out? I know that I would. I am sure that many Fantasy Baseball owners would like a redo on this year’s First Round of their draft. Let’s look at the first round of the Mixed LABR Draft and see who went where. Then, let’s see who we might have taken instead knowing what we do right now.

Original Picks
If We Drafted Again

1.01 Mike Trout — I would think that Trout is the number one pick in any league

1.02 Clayton Kershaw — While he hasn’t been spectacular, it’s hard to argue with a 2.23 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP

1.03 Paul Goldschmidt — 15 HR and 13 SB from a first baseman? He is a monster in Fantasy Baseball.

1.04 Nolan Arenado — Still producing big numbers and plays half his games in Coors

1.05 Bryce Harper — Sure, he’s slowed down a bit from his stellar April, but his numbers, on the whole, are amazing.

1.06 Mookie Betts — This was a close call here as I could have gone Judge, but I will take the 11 SB and hope for 30 by season’s end.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

1.07 Aaron Judge — 22 HR leads MLB and let’s not forget his 58 runs scored and 6 SB which no one expected

1.08 Jose Altuve — He is as consistent as they come. The best hitter on the best team in the AL.

1.09 Charlie Blackmon — He’s hitting .325 and showing excellent power. We expected more stolen bases, but something tells me that they will come in the second half when it gets warmer.

1.10 Miguel Sano — We all knew he had power, but who would have thought that he could hit for average. I doubt he finishes close to .300, but it will be much better than the .240 that people were projecting.

1.11 Max Scherzer — Remember when his finger was hurting him???

1.12 Joey Votto — It’s amazing how little fanfare he gets considering he’s hitting .320 with 19 HR.

1.13 Ryan Zimmerman — He might not keep this up for the entire year, but he IS hitting .367 with 19 HR!

1.14 Marcell Ozuna — He’s still young, he’s hitting .333, and it doesn’t look like he’s letting up anytime soon. Stanton gets more publicity, but Ozuna is the rock of the Marlins lineup. (NOTE: I would have said Freddie Freeman had he not gotten hurt)

1.15 Greg Holland — Ok, Ok maybe I am joking here, but his stats this year are no joke — he has 23 saves with only one blown save opportunity this season. His ERA is a minuscule 1.09, and he has 33 Ks in 24 IP. Right now, he is the best closer in baseball.

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