Daily Dr. Roto: Commish! Do The Right Thing!

Daily Dr. Roto—June 5, 2017

Doing The Right Thing

It’s not easy to be a Fantasy league commissioner. It is a thankless job. Rarely do commissioners see an extra dime for all the work they put in, and mostly all they get are complaints and aggravation from league participants. But much like a judge in a trial, the commissioner’s job is not to be liked, but to be fair. Commissioners must be willing to do whatever they can to ensure a fair league.

Something came up this weekend in one of my leagues, and it put the commissioner in a very sticky situation. My home league has a rule that no player in the minor leagues can be picked up until that player is on a major league roster. I think this rule makes a lot of sense since it prevents teams from littering their rosters with young minor leaguers and hoarding them. It makes even more sense for my league because we are a dynasty keeper league and this way everyone has the same opportunity to bid on a player when he is called up to the majors.

Back to the situation at hand: I had been waiting (not so patiently) for Colorado Rockies SP Jeff Hoffman Jeff Hoffman to be called up. However, even though Hoffman has pitched exceptionally well in each start, he has been sent down by the Rockies before multiple previous Sunday night FAAB. So when Hoffman was called up on June 4th for a spot start, I ran to pick him up in every league he was available. But much to my chagrin, I received an email from my commissioner in my home league that Hoffman had already been picked up by a team on May 21. “How is this possible?” I asked. The commissioner said, “He was picked up, and I missed it a couple of weeks ago.” I told the commissioner that this had to be overturned since it was against the rules. I waited for a decision. I was not going to be happy if I could not have a chance to bid on Hoffman.

Admittedly, I know I put our commissioner in a tough spot. I guess it could be argued that I should have said something when it happened, but the truth was that I missed it and didn’t see the transaction (being in four leagues can do that to an expert). But I am happy to say that the commissioner contacted the team that picked up Hoffman and explained the situation to him and reversed the move. I know it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was the right thing to do in this case even if it was overlooked at the time.

A commissioner’s job is not easy, nor is it appreciated as much as it should be. But without a good commissioner running a league, a league would fold. My friend, Alan S. always says, “A commissioner is like my wife. If I can’t trust him, I shouldn’t be in the league.” I agree with Alan. If you don’t trust your commissioner, don’t participate in the league. It’s as simple as that.

A commissioner needs to do the right thing even if it is not popular and may get some teams angry. Moreover, a commissioner needs to treat each team fairly and make sure that the league rules are upheld. So, to everyone out there in leagues, be nice to your commissioners. They deserve your appreciation more than they do your ire!

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