Daily Dr. Roto: Buffalo Didn’t Sign Maclin?!

Daily Dr. Roto — June 8, 2017

NFL News & Notes

— Can someone tell me how Jeremy Maclin left Buffalo without a contract? I know that the Bills are penny pinchers and didn’t offer him anywhere near the $12.4 million he was supposed to get with the Chiefs this year, but once he got on the plane to Baltimore, they had to know that there was no way that they were going to sign him. Maybe the Bills are hoping to get Eric Decker on the cheap, but Maclin had the support of both LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor. This must be a huge disappointment to Bills fans, but sadly they are probably used to it by now.

— People will see the news about Cardinals RB Andre Ellington return to RB and think that is meaningful—it’s not. What’s meaningful is that the Cardinals finally have five wide receivers they are happy with and feel comfortable using. HC Bruce Arians has been disappointed in Ellington for years now, and I am not sure that at 28 he is anything more than an RB5 for Fantasy purposes.

Chris Conley was named the starting WR opposite Tyreek Hill in Kansas City. This is only news in the deepest of leagues. Conley should see about 5-6 targets a game at most and is probably good for 50 catches this year. The best thing I can say about Conley is that he won’t get in the way of Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill dominating the Chiefs’ passing game—which is good since I want as many shares of those two studs as I can get this season.

— It seems like the Saints are terrifically happy with RB Adrian Peterson thus far. I am a huge Peterson fan and fully expect him to be in my sights come Draft Day. A lot of Fantasy owners will be worried about Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, but not me. Sean Payton hates Ingram (no matter how many times he denies it), and Kamara is just a rookie. The Saints didn’t bring AP in to sit him on the bench. He will see tons of carries this year.

— Maybe there is too much sun down here in Florida, but it seems like there are glowing reports every day about RB Jay Ajayi, WR DeVante Parker, and TE Julius Thomas. I agree that they are all potentially undervalued studs, but two big things are not being mentioned. For any of those three to be great this year, they will need: 1) QB Ryan Tannehill to be healthy after his injury, and 2) An OL that can play together for at least 14 or more games. The Dolphins OL was in shambles for much of 2016, and it hurt the team greatly. No OL could mean major problems for all the Dolphins skill players.

— If I hear one more report out of Cleveland about how good Brock Osweiler looks I am going to scream. At best Osweiler plays for two weeks. At worst, he is cut by Week 1. My money is on the latter.

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