Behind the Box Score: Goody remains perfect

Earned runs and Nick Goody have yet to meet in 2017.

The 25-year-old right-hander has been flawless through 4.1 innings in the minor leagues and 20.1 innings in the major leagues this season – another gift from the Yankees.

Over four months after trading for Andrew Miller, the Indians decided to reconvene with general manager Brian Cashman and make a move for one of the lesser-known relief pitchers in the New York organization.

That move is shaping out to be a highway robbery.

Goody struck out all three Oakland hitters he faced in a scoreless inning of work on Thursday afternoon as he continues to fly under the radar in baseball’s best bullpen…

What makes Goody so intriguing is that he only throws a four-seam fastball and slider, two pitches he seems to have mastered since the Tribe recalled him on April 14.

In looking at his locations in the 8-0 victory, it is evident he likes to change the eye level of opposing hitters to produce both swinging strikes and weak contact on batted balls…

Sample Size: 16 pitches

Average Velocity: 85.8-mph

Minimum Velocity: 81.2-mph (slider)

Maximum Velocity: 92.5-mph (four-seam fastball)

Average/Minimum/Maximum Exit Velocity: 74.7-mph (one foul ball)

Swinging Strikes: 7

Called Strikes: 2

Strike Percentage: 56.3% (nine strikes, seven balls)

Despite facing the Athletics, the team that struck out 59 times in a span of four contests, Goody still put on a clinic in terms of mixing speeds and keeping hitters off-balanced.

His strategy is to work the upper-left portion of the strike zone (see usage chart below) with the four-seam fastball while placing the slider on the lower-right portion of the strike zone (see usage chart below) to effectively change the eye level of his opposition. The results have yielded a career-high 33.3% soft contact percentage and career-low 15.9% line drive percentage.

In simpler terms, Goody’s superior command on the top and bottom regions of the zone have led to a dominating .134 opposing batting average, 0.69 WHIP and 9.74 strikeouts per nine innings without a lick of damage.

Goody has always been a strikeout pitcher as evidenced by his career 9.65 K/9, an average of at least one punch out in every inning pitched. The difference this season has been his ability to limit walks as shown by his career-bests in BB/9 (2.33), walk percentage (7.1%) and strikeout to walk ratio (20%).

Between impeccable command, weak contact and a consistent approach applied to each of his relief appearances, Nick Goody has established himself as one of the best middle-inning relievers in baseball.

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