Adam Jones: Orioles are over feud with Red Sox

When the Baltimore Orioles host the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, Adam Jones expects cooler heads to prevail.

In the last series between both clubs, Jones was subject to racist taunts from fans in the Fenway Park crowd, including one who threw a bag of peanuts at him.

Though the Boston fans showed their support for Jones by giving him a standing ovation in his first appearance of the next game, things immediately turned ugly again in the very next at-bat. Chris Sale threw a 98-mph fastball behind Manny Machado for spiking Dustin Pedroia on a slide nearly two weeks prior, and Machado unleashed a profanity-laced tirade postgame where he said he had lost all respect for the Red Sox organization, among other things.

As both teams get set to play their first game against each other since frustrations boiled over, Jones avouched his team is over everything that transpired.

“I know the Orioles is,” he told WEEI’s Rob Bradford Wednesday. “I can’t speak for anybody else except for the Orioles. That’s the only team that I wear.”

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The sequence of events even drew the ire of chief baseball officer Joe Torre, who warned Sale could face punishment from the league for throwing behind Machado. Though Sale eventually escaped a suspension for the pitch, Jones is hoping the near-month apart between both teams will help reset relations going into Thursday.

“I think both sides were over with whatever is going on. On both sides,” Jones told Bradford. “It could have been handled quicker, faster, better. It wasn’t. But the good thing is we got some time away from each other and hopefully it just went away.

“They say time heals all wounds. Hopefully we’ve gotten away from each other.”

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